About Us

We are a Non-Denominational Christian Church that is totally submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are a church that demonstrates the fruits and gifts of the Spirit. We teach and preach living a lifestyle of love. And our Senior Pastors are Jeffrey & Yolanda Redd.

If you are looking for a Christian Church, where you can be yourself without fear of judgment, you should give our church a try. There is no dress code so you can be free to worship God without limitations. We ask that every member put their worries aside so they can concentrate on giving God their best praise, worship, and offering!

We believe that the Holy Spirit is able to heal, deliver, and set you free from whatever has you bound! The New Life family stands in faith with you believing that your best days are ahead. And will continue to pray for you, our country, and the entire world.

God is ready to change your life for the better!