Thank you for your interest in New Life House of Prayer Community of Faith Church!

Here at New Life House of Prayer Community of Faith Church, we are committed to "Evangelizing the neighborhood and building the house of God (which is the Church) and growing holy leaders to spread the gospel to every part of the earth in Jesus' name. "

We believe corporately that we are blessed in the city and in the field, all of our children are blessed and our cabinets are overflowing with food. We believe that we are the head and not the tail and God will bless everything that we do. We believe that we are all tithers and not one of us is cursed! We believe God for many new members who are faithful and loyal to this ministry. New souls will be saved in this ministry and God will bless us with our own church building and the money to maintain it. We profess openly and honestly that we love God and appreciate all He has done for us!

We are a friendly family church seeking to welcome you into the Kingdom of God! We invite you to come out and worship with us every Sunday at 10 am.

We currently are meeting at Boggy Creek Elementary located in Kissimmee, Florida. We believe that the Lord will bless us with our own building this year.

You can partner with us by clicking the donate button if you want to give via (credit card) or the Cash App link for (debit card) only. You can become a partner for as little as $10 per month. Or you can give a one time donation of any amount. Your monetary gifts are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your consideration and God bless!

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